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55 Reunión Anual / 55 Annual Meeting / 55 Congrès Annuel - CFCS

Del 8 al 12 de julio 2019, República Dominicana / July 8 to 12 , 2019, Dominican Republic / 8 - 12 Juillet, 2019, République Dominicaine


Diagnostics is a critical component of any integrated pest management plan. The increased spread of invasive species around the world warrants rapid, accurate identification of new pest species and implementation of control measures to prevent them from becoming established.

At the end of this 3-hour workshop session participants will:
1.increase their diagnostic skills for established and invasive diseases, insects, weeds; able to understand basic botany to determine plant ID; able to identify and use latest equipment and software/apps for pest and plant ID; able to locate expertise and literature resources available worldwide for rapid identification. (Participants are encouraged to bring an electronic device that connects to the internet: smartphone, laptop, or tablet); and, able to determine appropriate integrated pest management strategy for the pests discussed.

Training Team

Juanita Popenoe, PhD

Juanita Popenoe is the Commercial Fruit Production Extension Agent with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF-IFAS) Extension, Lake County. Although originally from south Florida, she obtained her PhD in horticulture from Washington State University in 1987, her master’s degree in horticulture from the University of Maryland in 1984 and her bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech in 1981. She has worked in New Zealand for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research on kiwifruit and apple research, at West Virginia University as the small fruit extension specialist, and for UF/IFAS extension in Lake County since September 2003.



Grantly Ricketts

Grantly Ricketts is the Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent with UF-IFAS Extension, Osceola County, for five years now. He’s a graduate of Prairie View A&M, Texas where he earned a master’s degree in animal science. Before coming to Florida, he worked as an extension agent at the University of Georgia (UGA) for seven years. Prior to UGA, he was a laboratory assistant at Prairie View A&M for four years. Currently at UF, Grantly provides training and support in the areas of sod production, pesticide applicator training, green industry best management practices (GI-BMP) training program, nursery plant production, landscaping and athletic field management. Grantly is a native of Jamaica and a member of the Caribbean Agricultural Extension Providers’ Network (CAEPNet).


Norma Samuel, PhD

Norma Samuel is a Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ and Urban Horticulture Extension Agent with UF-IFAS Extension Sumter County. She graduated from the University of Georgia with both a bachelor’s (1997) and master’s (1999) degree majoring in Plant Protection and Pest Management. She holds a PhD in Agricultural Education and Communication with an emphasis on International Extension and a minor in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Florida (2014). Before migrating to the U.S., she worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in Antigua and Barbuda on a research station and with the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit. She has 17 years of experience as an Extension Agent in the areas of residential and commercial horticulture, Master Gardener Coordinator, and 4-H youth development. She has expertise in the areas of pest management, volunteer development; risk management; and international development. Norma is the current Chair of CAEPNet.

Michelle Samuel-Foo, PhD

Michelle Samuel-Foo joined the Biology program at Alabama State University (ASU) as an Assistant Professor teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in January 2018. She plans to develop a research program at ASU that focuses on pest management, specialty crops and organic agriculture. Michelle completed her PhD in entomology (2008) as well as her master’s degree in Agronomy (crop science and genetics, 2003) at the University of Georgia. She also earned a B.A. in Biology from Brewton Parker College (2000) in Vidalia, Georgia. After graduate school, Michelle joined the University of Florida (UF) as a faculty member in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. At UF, she spent 10 years working in specialty crop pest management and served as the regional coordinator for the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) federally funded IR-4 minor use program. At UF, the IR-4 program field program had jurisdiction over 13 southern states plus the territory of Puerto Rico. The mission of IR-4 program is to procure sustainable pest management tools for growers of specialty crops. Michelle is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean Food Crops Society Regional Representative, and a member of CAEPNet member.

Stacy Strickland, PhD

Stacy Strickland is the Agriculture Agent and County Extension Director for UF-IFAS Extension, Osceola County. Stacy has been an Extension Agent since 2004 with a specialty in Integrated Pest Management for vegetables, fruit crops, and livestock. Stacy earned his Doctorate in Plant Medicine from the University of Florida in 2003 and bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry from Valdosta State University in 2000. He has been awarded the Achievement Award and Distinguished Service Award by the National Association of County Agriculture Agents. Before becoming an Extension Agent, he worked for the Extension Plant Pathologist as a lab technician, and in the Plant Disease Clinic, Insect Identification Lab, Soils Lab, and Nematode Assay Laboratory at the University of Florida.


José Alejandro Almodovar

Ecology and Environmental Management and Natural Resources Specialist .
Assistant and translation of the workshop - CEDAF